Oct 12, 2021聽路 There's more to autumn than pumpkin pie and apple pie recipes. Crank up the oven for these fruit-filled tarts, rich and chocolatey brownies, skillet 鈥 Dec 19, 2017聽路 Easy, Crispy Bourbon Chicken. Making this Crispy Bourbon Chicken actually makes me feel like a teenager. A teenager who was a rebel and once actually took Chinese food into the movie theater! A quick apology to those people who had to watch Dude Where鈥檚 My Car in LA in the late 90鈥檚 in a Chinese food scented theater. 馃槈 My bad. Oct 25, 2021聽路 This Healthy Chicken Piccata Recipe will quickly become your new favorite weeknight dinner! Thin chicken breasts are saut茅ed in butter until crusty and golden brown, then smothered in a zippy lemon and white wine butter sauce. Easy, light and so delicious! [...] read more Sous Vide Salted Chocolate Pot de Creme with Bourbon and Espresso. ... appetizers or a weeknight dinner. Make in advance and then... Fines herbes. ... An easy chicken noodle soup for when you are feeling a bug coming on or just need a quick, but comforting meal. The magic is in the seasoning of the... Chicken breasts marinated in teriyaki sauce, lemon, garlic, and sesame oil, then grilled to a tasty finish. Very easy and great for a hot summer's evening. Leftovers are great on a green salad or sandwich. Be sure to grill very hot and very fast!! Sep 19, 2020聽路 This easy Cherry Cheese Danish recipe is fancy enough for holidays and special occasions yet simple enough to make on a Tuesday morning. The cherries are literally the cherry on top of a perfect cheese danish! A tasty shortcut makes this a family favorite! More breakfast favorites: Breakfast Casserole, Homemade Biscuits, Buttermilk Pancakes, and our favorite 鈥 Baked Bacon! Apple crisp is the perfect dessert for when you want the warm and comforting flavors of an apple pie, but don't want to put in the effort to make one. Often confused with a crumble, this easy-to-make deep-dish dessert has apple filling with a nubby, streusel-like topping. Dec 17, 2018聽路 Golden biscuits cover this homespun dish laden with chicken, broccoli and cheese. It's then topped with a celery seed mixture. My family requests this all-in-one dinner once a month. 鈥擪aren Weirick, Bourbon, Indiana Jul 19, 2018聽路 Super easy finger foods are the perfect way to kick off a party. No forks or spoons are required for these easy-to-pick-up party foods, so you can clean up in no time. If you decide to throw an all-appetizer party, make sure you provide a variety of options: chips and dip, warm spreads, easy pick ups, and even one-bite salads can be combined to set out the perfect spread. An easy and delicious way to dress up a Favorite Day pumpkin pie. In a large bowl, beat 1 1/2 c. heavy whipping cream on high until soft peaks form. Add 3 tbsp. sugar, 1 tsp. vanilla and a pinch of salt; beat until stiff peaks form. Oct 20, 2016聽路 BBQ Chicken Tostadas are a quick and easy dinner recipe that is sure to be a family favorite. Especially on busy nights, with only 4 basic ingredients you can have dinner in less than 20 minutes. Especially on busy nights, with only 4 basic ingredients you can have dinner 鈥 May 04, 2020聽路 Tres leches cake, a favorite Mexican dessert, is made with a mixture of three milks鈥攊n this case, whole milk, evaporated milk, and sweetened condensed milk. The result is a perfectly moist and creamy cake. This recipe starts with a cake mix, making it especially easy.